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During my career in local government management I have managed many projects and developed a breadth of policies.  This page includes a listing of some of the projects and policies that have had significant positive impacts on the organizations or communities for which I worked or for the elected officials I served.  




Expert Witness

I have served as a court-qualified expert witness in cases involving municipal finance based on the combination of my educational and professional expertise.  See my Professional Expertise page for more information. 


Michael Jackson trial logistics

This was a high profile project involving heightened security resulting in abnormal trial costs.  I was involved in trial logistics and tracking and monitoring the costs of the trial and subsequently pursuing State legislation for reimbursement.   

In the news:  BBC, Red Orbit, LA Times, USA Today


Mission County Formation Commission

A voter authorized initiative commenced a process to split Santa Barbara County into two counties:  Santa Barbara County and the proposed Mission County.  A Governor appointed Commission was formed to examine the issue and to present its findings to the voters.  Voters did not approve creating the new county.  I served as initial chief staff to the Commission as it organized and developed a cadence and received a Resolution of Commendation from the Commission for my efforts. 

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Goleta Beach Restoration Project and Environmental Impact Report

I oversaw the EIR process for the Goleta Beach restoration project including developing an EIR, presenting the project to advisory and decision making bodies including the Santa Barbara County Park Commission, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, and the California Coastal Commission.

Management of Declared Emergencies

Santa Barbara County has had its share of federal and state disasters; most stem from wildland fires.  I have served as manager of the County's Emergency Operations Center during the Zaca, Gap, Tea, and Jesusita fires which combined burned more than 300,000 acres and 400 homes.  I was acting County Executive Officer during the Gap Fire and was required to call a special meeting of the Board of Supervisors to affirm my declaration of a state of emergency.

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I have developed and administered seventeen budgets as either budget analyst or budget director.  Summary size statistics of those budgets can be found here.  In addition I currently serve as the Director of Santa Barbara County's Division of Budget and Research

In the news:  Santa Barbara News Press March 2, 2011, Santa Maria Times October 28, 2009Santa Maria Times February 19, 2009Santa Maria Times May 13, 2009,  Santa Barbara Independent October 30, 2008, Santa Barbara Independent June 14, 2009



Santa Barbara County Blue Ribbon Budget Task Force 

I served as chief staff member for the Blue Ribbon Budget Task Force appointed by the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors.  The purpose of the Task Force is established in this letter.  It completed a Board letter, report and presentation.



Town of Superior Comprehensive Plan update 

While serving as Assistant Town Manager overseeing Town finance and administration, the Town of Superior experienced the fastest growth in the nation during the 1990s on a percentage basis.  Being a progressive Boulder County, Colorado community there was considerable interest by the residents to assure the growth was thought out and compatible with the community values. A comprehensive plan (also referred to as a General Plan in some states) is the land use guidance document indicating how the Town envisions future land use patterns.  



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