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I am a public administrator supporting the profession of city management.  My passion is the efficient and effective execution of governmental activities in the public interest as expressed by elected officials.  I have held management positions at four cities and one county in California and Colorado.  Now I am Assistant County Executive Officer for the County of Santa Barbara.  I'm affiliated with the following professional organizations:  ICMA, GFOA, ASPA.  Click here to view my resume focusing on my practitioner experience. 




Public Administration scholarship is important to me to continue to strengthen the field's theoretical bases and to support the continuing education of public administration practitioners.  I hold adjunct faculty positions at Cal State Northridge, CCCOnline, and Santa Barbara County's Employees' University.  I also serve as a reviewer for Public Administration Review, State and Local Government Review, and Public Budgeting and Finance.  Click here to view my resume focusing on my academic experience.  



I have a number of other priorities in my life with the top one being a husband and a step-father.  Others include:  

  • Traveling:  in the Fall of 2008 I completed a tour of World War II sites in Europe with my father. Click here to see photos from the tour. 
  • Flying:  I hold a private pilot certificate with an instrument rating (have time flying the Goodyear blimp!) and am a member of AOPA.
  • Web:  I enjoy designing and building web sites (like the one you're viewing)
  • Surf:  Living on the coast of California nearly requires me to at least go out a paddle around! 

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